Sunday, July 23, 2006

Spiritually Starving

Having started and stopped this Blog several times I know in advance I will be asked why the name "Spiritually Starving" on the blog title?

Why name it "Spiritually Starving?"

Looking back at the main reason I started this blog, I was lashing out at the church and the apparent “spiritual” condition I observed all around me. I have found that I am not like a majority of “Christians” today.

I think. Actual real rational thought.

Christians joke about the likes of David Caresh and Jim Jones but in reality many of them are more than willing to swallow the cool aid and drink it down quietly and quickly. Now that you are entirely offended I assume I can get the hate mail and anonymous comments that you will surely send. But before you do, please try and think.

After looking at all the “fun” sides of Christianity I could stand I found that writing down my thoughts was the best way to deal with it. I couldn’t just take my pastor aside and say, “Hey buddy, listening to your sermons week after week makes me sick.” It really is quite sad right now the state of America’s spiritual leadership in the pulpit and the church and perhaps one day I can do something to change that. So for now I sit and type on my computer or write on a yellow pad notebook, hastily dumping my mind onto paper as a form of relief from the starving condition all around me.

If nothing else this Blog is my document of my spiritual growth and feeding. The more I observe and write the more I realize that my spiritual condition has grown weak with poor feeding and I need to do something about it. Writing down something can help motivate me to get action done, perhaps it will open your eyes too.

Please, if you are my friend, don’t read this blog, unless you really want to know what I think. Some posts are very personal and I will keep names out as much as possible or rename the people, but if you are close, you will see it, through my description you may recognize the folks I am talking about.

A quick Google search on spiritual starvation will bring you lists of sermons and posts from all around the globe of folks that are talking about the spiritual condition of their congregation, the youth, the church, or others. Not many start off telling you that their own spiritual condition is weak and needs to be shored up. If you read this and want to take action, pray. The best thing I can ask for is prayer. God is, after all, in control.

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