Sunday, July 30, 2006

Vacation Bible School

So looking over the remains of this summer my wife and I were discussing allowing our children to go to a church in town’s VBS program. While we would never visit this church or even attempt more than a casual relationship because of their doctrinal error and teaching. However, is it a good idea to send our children their summer program.

I can see two sides to the issue (so far).
1. My children know enough about doctrine and what they believe, this
would allow them to meet new friends and local neighborhood kids that

2. My children could be lead down the path to end up with some form
of spiritual issues because of the potential unbiblical teaching.

I don’t know what we will decide, But if you know me, I have an opinion
about most everything, and I do about this. But what are your thoughts on
the allowing or disallowing of my children to attend.

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