Monday, August 21, 2006

Ready unto the harvest ...

This weekend I spent some time with a retired missionary from New Mexico (aka grandpa-in-law) I guess some things never change, while eating at the “Hollywood” we got caught up talking about the things of God and I was listening more than speaking (something that doesn’t happen often enough) and we noticed the table behind us had stopped talking as was listening to us.

Without hesitation “grandpa” turned and started talking to the gentlemen at the table who were joined by another table and then another of friends wanting to hear what was being spoken about. Two other ladies joined in and pretty soon we had a full audience larger than some of the churches this missionary had been preaching to.

The people came from every background, Catholics, Presbyters, Lutherans and other “beliefs” were represented in this little group gathered to listen to the stories of this old missionary. Without hesitation again the subject changed from just plain old pleasantries to the bare fact of the matter. Salvation.

It was great to watch the light in his eyes as God continued to use “grandpa.” You can take the missionary out of the field but you can’t take the message from his lips.

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