Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wake Up!

Sitting tonight watching ABC's Home Makeover, my eyes totally filled with tears, my heart breaking for a family that prior to the 45 minutes of the show I had never known. To feel the waves of joy and sorrow at every turn... I am sure that is what the show's creator wanted us to feel.

Then a little bit of further realization that the unbelievable emotions that I have over a TV show is nothing NOTHING compared to the emotions that I should experience every day at the waking realization of my Salvation. But for some reason, I don't wake up that way every day.

I should wake up with the emotional wave that I am chosen, one of the elect, saved. That I should be chosen is such a position that I am humbled in the thought, and I don't really think of it the same way tonight. Nothing I could do makes me worthy, nothing. That is the thought that needs to wake my day.

Tomorrow begins a new day.

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