Thursday, November 09, 2006

Christ Follower vs. Christian

I had the discussion with a good friend about a pastor that used the term "Follower of Christ" rather than "Christian" and avoided the words like "saved" and other "christian terms." The church we were attending was unlike any other church that we had looked at. The music was hopping, the sermon included video and other illustrations all with contemporary or modern feel to worship. It was different.

I looked around me. Kids in Pantera T-shirts. Young and older adults dressed in casual clothes, jewelry and other normal appareal. All around a group of people that could have been going to the mall or a concert rather than a traditional "church." It was Saturday night to boot.

The message was light weight, good points and obeservations but no doctrine at all. The songs were mostly praise and worship (some really good stuff even a Kutless song ripped from my MP3 Player sung by the congregation!). The people were friendly. It was an enjoyable time of worship. Except for the argument going on next to me... Christ followers eh?

In looking at the differences between churches in the New Testament. The difference in ministry between the greeks and the hebrews, the differences in the approach, the differences in the people, the differences in the ministry. Overall they both had the same message.

Are you a Christian or a Christ follower? Are they just the modern definitions between two styles of people? Are they just terms that can be overlooked in the broader perspective of the church?

My brother posted this video on his blog ... I thought it worthy of posting, there are four of them that I have found and I will post the first inline and links to all four. It is a parody of a commercial MAC vs. PC but it has a point.

Christ Follower (Part 01)
Christ Follower (Part 02)
Christ Follower (Part 03)
Christ Follower (Part 04)

BTW: if you can't laugh at yourself ... you probably shouldn't click play.

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