Saturday, November 04, 2006

Disturbing Testimony

A couple weeks ago, I heard a young lady give testimony of the account of her salvation. I found it hard to cover my gut response.

"When I got saved, I became a Baptist."

What does this say about the salvation "experience" she has had. Does this statement bother any one else? Could it be that to some "Christians," getting saved is like being part of the club? I have a hard time with christians that are so fast to try and get someone saved when it is not their job.

This is an interesting quote from some online resources that I am reading.

People all across our land are believing, but they do not know what they are believing! The seed has not been sown properly, the doctrinal watering has not taken place, and God has not given the increase. Shallow decisions to "repeat the sinner’s prayer" are being substituted for heart felt belief in the regenerating power of God. Listen: a slick smile, a hearty handshake, a manufactured speech, and a quick command for someone to bow their head and ask Jesus to come into their heart is not New Testament evangelism! People in the New Testament were never pressured into salvation. I challenge anyone to show me where they were! In all instances, the heart of the individual was prepared by the Holy Spirit through the teaching of God’s Word, and a soul winner was then led to that person.

The responsibility is God's not ours. Once we get that through our thick heads we can focus on the wittness and evengelism that God wants us to do. I am not going to judge this young lady's testimony of salvation and becoming a "Baptist" , I would love to caution the person that lead her to the Lord to do more than broadcast easy believism.

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