Friday, December 08, 2006

When a Sparrow Falls

I came accross this way of helping those that have suffered a loss this year at Christmas time.

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Remembering Another's LossBefore and during a funeral, people surround those who are grieving. The support given at this time and the busyness of the moment help the hurting to cope. But in the months following, life for the grieving person becomes quiet and the magnitude of the loss may feel overwhelming.

Consider the following suggestions for recognizing a person’s loss and bringing comfort this holiday season.
  • Purchase a tree or flowering bush for the family to plant in the person’s memory.
  • Give an album for writing memories, keeping special cards, and posting pictures. Consider having family and friends write memories of the loved one in the album. Give an album to parents who have experienced miscarriage or stillbirth. At first, it may not seem as beneficial, but it allows them to process their grief by compiling a keepsake of the pregnancy and the hopes they held for their child.
  • Give the hurting person a small token with his loved one’s name or initials. You can give an engraved charm, pendant, or bookmark. This Christmas you also can give a hand-painted glass ornament with the deceased person’s name. Some hospitals and hospice organizations have Christmas trees where an ornament will be placed in the loved one’s memory in exchange for a donation.
  • Write a letter of condolence, including memories of the loved one. Even beyond the holiday, remember those who are grieving by sending your thoughts on the anniversary of the loss and on other holidays. For example, for a mother who has lost a child, send a special card on Mother’s Day
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"As you walk through grief, the sharpness of pain will subside. If you let God, He will supply comfort and healing along your journey. "

Parent Life: When a Sparrow Falls

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