Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just because

For The Halibut

Can you imagine reeling in the line on this one? 300 lb Halibut I love fishing but I would think you would need a new arm after this one!

Dont forget to cook it though!

In the mean time

I am still crafting the begining of my posts on salvation ... so give this a shot in the mean time. I have won 10/10 so far.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Salvation at any cost.

I had a friend that asked me to blog about salvation. Initially I rejected that idea. I chose to answer her in email, but then life got busy and I had to put that aside to do other things in my day and I chose not to get back to that email. (Sorry to let you down friend).

So today I begin my blog about salvation and my objection to those who choose not to believe the truth and my recent learning and listening experiences of grace.

The premise; Salvation is 100% God and 0% man.

Nothing man can do is worthy of heaven. As a matter of default, man rejects God’s salvation. It is because of the inability of man to chose God, that god chooses to reach down and elect a saint. God’s offer of salvation it to all kinds of people but only to those whom He has specifically chosen. Once God chooses to provide grace to an individual, that individual can not turn away from grace and their salvation is permanent.

Over the next few days/weeks however long it takes I will blog about salvation and why I stand where I stand. I will also include a defense against those who choose to believe that it is in some part Man has the ability to choose God.

This is the part that bothers me so much in the Independent Fundamental Baptists belief. The lack of education, on the doctrine of Grace, is appalling. Probably one of the frustrating experiences is to sit under the direction of someone that has not figured out what they believe about salvation, preachers and teachers, Christian workers, professors etc.

Rather than cause waves, I blog. OR perhaps I blog, to cause waves