Friday, January 26, 2007

More Going on

Yeah I have a lot to post about, perhaps I will get that done this weekend, this week has been a messed up one at work just trying to get everything caught up and done...

Pirated Videos, I rip personal DVDs as a backup copy because I have little kids, nothing is worse than sitting down to watch a Veggie Tales DVD and find the kids have been playing DJ with it and the scratches are to sever to fix with some elbow grease and some polish.

I even have made copies of a movie I rented and watched it later but I don't have a massive library of DVDs in my collection that are from pirated sources .... this study updated today portrays an interesting view point on downloaded illegal videos online. I would wonder how the research group asked a questions but still the math behind this study is amazing,1697,2087020,00.asp

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