Monday, April 02, 2007

Worship & Lent

Again this week the challenge to me was to get into worship. Our worship service Sunday was fine, tight and complete the message fit well into this typical holy week prior to Easter. Still, something in my own heart was missing.

Worship is more than just songs. It is more than just scripture, it is more than preaching ... this week I am going to purpose o find a heart of worship, not just for Sunday but for the rest of the week.

We discount Lent, we discount Ash Wednesday and we discount the Passover in many of our churches instead we focus on one event, Easter. We do this many times because others, that we do not agree with celebrate or honor these events in the Christian faith. Still there is something to be said about throwing out tradition. MY wife is fond of saying just because I don't believe in it doesn't make it a wrong tradition/program/event ... sometimes I would disagree, but not on these.


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