Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Tears

Well I have had enough .... but I am sure I have more to come. My little girls have daddy normally wrapped around their little fingers. Want this, want that, within reason it isn't a problem.

No it isn't an endless candy fest w/o mom around but they do get more treats and life is much easier. This last week with mom sick and daddy running the show we have introduced a new tactic... large tears.

Ahhh... how well they work! Had they been used in moderation I would never have noticed and daddy would have saved the day! Today at 9:00 am this is the list so far that Cami has broken out the tears for.

1. Cartoon Channel isn't on Tom & Jerry.
2. Had to share blanket with little sister.
3. Cereal bowl is empty.
4. Cartoon over.
5. Had to clean room.
6. Had to do the rest of chores.
7. Mom was on her run.
8. Found Scissors while cleaning can't find matching book?

Well there is hour one. Let the tears flow on.

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