Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is your water making you gay?

Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr is making waves in both the conservative and left wing sides of the isle with his latest gay comments. The question of weather a person's gayness is a choice (unnatural choice act against God) or a biological decision ... one that has bothered me for a few years now.

Several years ago there was an article about the amount of chemical pollution that was in the water out west. Pollution from chemicals that were sprayed on the fields to keep bugs and weeds down. This article stated that this pollution may be responsible for the apparent "gayness" of the frogs. It seems scientist were observing that many of the male frogs in the area were attempting to reproduce with each other.

Now how they came to this conclusion I am not sure. It seems plausible that their could be a chemical attraction lost to the opposite sex based on chemical changes in the body chemistry. But does a bunch of confused frogs make biological case for being a gay?

Then again ... scientist have produced the theory of evolution as fact and the world has run to it, how much of a stretch to produce a theory of people being gay by biological reasons? Then again why do the left gay activist want this to be a biological decision? Are they feeling trapped in their choice of sin and looking for a good excuse to continue?

There is a "treatment" for being gay... but that is a whole other post :-)

Read the article, then read the origional post "Is Your Baby Gay? What If You Could Know? What If You Could Do Something About It?" ... it is interesting to say the least.

My favorite snip from the blog is:
Many homosexual activists recognize that the discovery of a biological marker or cause for homosexual orientation could lead to efforts to eliminate the trait, or change the orientation through genetic or hormonal treatments.

Times are changing

I worked for mainly female employers and managers through my high school and college years. Lots of times there were things said that would easily be considered sexual harassment had I said it to them but them saying it to me seemed to be fine acceptable behavior. I always took things as joke and nothing ever serious came from it.

Today I read this article on how more men are reporting sexual harassment in the workplace than ever before. Times are changing and the function of the work place is too.