Friday, May 11, 2007

Life ... and a YouTube Video

Real Life:

I was given an opportunity to speak at the Rockford Rescue Mission last night, I had a blast and the folks were very receptive. The hardest part for me is the invitation and a friend in Christ led the invitation.... no music, now fancy wards, just a request. "If God is speaking to you and you need to get saved come up here and talk to us." Then a little bit later "If you have a need and would like to pray with someone please come up here and we will pray with you." I don't do invitations, but I sure didn't mind this style of invitation.

The hardest part for me is the numbers. I was raised in a numbers based religion, ho many got saved, how many came forward, how many made a decision... I won't tell :-) but I have a feeling I will be doing this type of ministry for the rest of my life.