Saturday, March 08, 2008

Seedsof Youth

Well after the youth activity I have been saving to get the latest Guitar Hero for my Xbox 360. In the process I have been talking to addicted people that just have to "play" the guitar every day. I have also run into a few that don't like the songs that are included with the game. I admit I don't know them all but I do have a few that were a blast to play with the demo and with the downloadable tracks online I am looking forward to playing it. Nowif I could get some Skillet or Casting Crowns tracks to sync up :)

I saw this comic in the paper and cut it out on the fridge. Had to laugh! Wanted to share



MadMup said...

Rock Band is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun than Guitar Hero, my friend. Trust me :)

Faith Young said...

Hey!! Just poppin' in to see what you've been up to. :) Think about you guys often and wonder where Life has taken you and what you're doing, altho you probably didn't know that until today! lol

Luv ya!!

Faith (Cooley) :)