Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I had a chance to go to a Skillet concert recently and watch another generation stand up and Praise the Lord. Again I sat watching the teens and adults around me with their arms raised high jumping, dancing, shouting and singing slightly more modern songs than you would hear in our church, I wondered about the ever changing face of the church and how we as Christians are so quick to judge and what damage that does to the church?

Some of these kids I would have approached, handed a Bible to and witnessed to on the street. In my past, sheltered under the arms of my church, I was "protected" from kids like these and now I am reaching out to them and with them in my own youth group. My thoughts drift back 6 years, we had some "renegade kids" in our youth group listening to POD, pushed to the outside by their peers and the church where did they end up? Did I do my part in showing God's love to them or did I push them aside....

Here I sit with my view of the church again challenged and I want to find someone worse than me to cast light on... but really I can't. I find myself in the position of wanting to judge like a person based on their music, look or presentation something clearly against scripture. Clearly the "old man" is still presenting himself in my thoughts and in my life.

The struggle continues.

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