Friday, October 03, 2008

Call it what it is...

Calling sin, 'sin' is something that we are quick to point out on others, doing it to ourselves is a little harder. Still it is a good practice to be guarded about our sin and constantly on guard against it.

Still in a time when the US government is stopping pastors from talking about politics and taking sides, it is refreshing to see the Catholic Church taking a swing at the Democratic party calling them "a party of death."

So how can a Christian vote for a democrat? The party of death? So now will the tolerance of Palin/McCain for Gay rights mean they will be the party of sin as well?

I can't think of why I could vote for either party w/o injecting myself into it. Again my worldview is skewed because it is mine and as much as I try, not Gods.

Food for thought.

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