Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Slave to Satan

Nope not Obama... but it is open for discussion.

This was a link I got after following a parody video on YouTube. This is a sermon from a failed individual to a group of fathers, dads and men. A call for dads to be fathers and stand up for what they believe and take care of their family. Her name is Shelly. I think she is preaching to Promise Keepers. Still it is a great LONG video to watch, 5 videos and you probably don't want to watch this around your kids unless you want a very interesting discussion. ;)

As of late pornography of the world seems to be invading our family's lives more and more as well. It used to be called Soft Porn, now it is the half time show at a hockey game. At first I thought is was cute how my 9 year old was intimmidated by the gals at the door, then as he looked away shepishly as they danced. 50% of Christian men are struggling with pornography. What a stat. I don't want my son to fall into this trap. If you are on the internet and use a search engine or email you are faced with porn at some level.

Anyhow take the time to watch this video, get over the mistakes in theology and look at the deeper issues. If it isn't for you pass it on to someone who can use it.


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