Thursday, January 31, 2008

I knew a mad mup once ...

Something different.

And now for somethign completely different. An actual post!

Life is changing and we are going through some of the struggles that we seem to go through from time to time. Winter is always tight with money because of the heating bills. This year we are using a kerosene heater and it has cut our electric bill down but still the $40 to fill up the 10 gallons to heat for an extra week is pretty stiff, better than a $500 electric bill. Add to the stress another issue in our life that is trying to settle ... ahhh stress :)

Oh and lesson learned. Watch your mortgage and insurance company! Our mortgage company started to charge us like crazy again, raised our monthly payment by over $150! Found out that they paid our old insurance for an entire year and we had switched to a new insurance. Now they are short on the estimate for our taxes and insurance and it is their fault! So I got done getting proof of insurance AGAIN for our old insurance company AND the mortgage co. Watch the buggers!