Saturday, September 13, 2008

And now for something completely different

Yeah I am getting tired of all the politics as usual from all the expected sources.

The other day I saw a video of a person that folded one thousand cranes in origami and it inspired me to try and fold a few for my own pleasure.

I learned two and after I was done my son said "yeah that is neat, but can you make a paper airplane?"

So now I am making paper airplanes, I really like some of these that I found online, the origami swallow flies very well. ;)

Give them a show, I am sure it will impress the kids what you can do with the church bulletin when you are through with the service!

Hanger 01 and Hanger 02

Who am I?

I got this from my father last night, great to have the information :)
- - - -

Who am I?

I am a Republican.

I am under 45 years old.

I love the outdoors.

I am an avid hunter.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association.

I have a reputation as a reformer.

I am known for taking on the Republican establishment.

I have a lot of children.

I served less than two years as governor before being named to the national ticket as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Have you heard of me before now?

Highlight below for the answer:
[ I am Theodore Roosevelt. ]

Sign up for the The on his site.