Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Visiting the Past


I stopped using this blog as God worked in my heart and drew me from a time of Spiritual Starvation to a time of Spiritual renewal through service.  Since these times I submitted to God's call on my life and am church planting in Rockford, Illinois.

While I would have deleted these posts I decided to leave them up for now as they no longer define me or my walk with Christ yet I feel perhaps there are others that are spiritually starving as well.  I am hopeful to use this in ministry to others that like me have experienced spiritual hunger.

It doesn't matter if you are a pastor or a sunday school teacher, someone ever faithful to fill the pew, or a person who only comes to church once a year, we all long for more.  Finding a personal relationship with Christ and falling into submission to His will can be a painful time.  The sovereign Lord is at work and His time schedule is not ours.

In this time of spiritual starvation: 

Please know you are not alone.
Please know that scripture must become critical to your walk.
Please know that prayer is the starting point, and ending point.
Please know that this is but a season.

I will try and update this blog more often as I am lead.  May God be glorified in your life.